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A proxy is a gateway that brokers your traffic to the internet by receiving web requests from you and forwarding them to the target server.

There are several types of proxies, most of them would accomplish connection brokering by disclosing to the target server the fact that they act as a proxy and they will also disclose the IP of the client they are brokering the traffic for.

An anoymizer proxy would not disclose the fact that it acts in behalf on a client and it will forward the requests to the target server as being its own.

As most of the servers hosting websites are using IPs to track customer activity and to detect the current geographical location of the visitors, using a proxy can and will help a user protect his/hers privacy while using internet.

However, given the complexity of today's technology no single method would provide you with adequate privacy while surfing the web.

In order to be anonymous you would need to carefully monitor your browser cookie usage, history and cache and clear them before each website visit.

There are tools and browser plugins that can assist in this task and combined with the use of an anonymous proxy you can protect you anonymity quite efficiently.

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" I grew up with the understanding that the world I lived in was one where people enjoyed a sort of freedom to communicate with each other in privacy, without it being monitored, without it being measured or analyzed or sort of judged by these shadowy figures or systems, any time they mention anything that travels across public lines. "
Edward Snowden


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Every move you make is being logged

The last time we recommended you to pay attention privacy-wise to the device you're accessing the internet with. Here's a little reasoning about that. Whether you're accessing the internet from a browser, an app or let's say a game, your moves are logged by someone. First of all by your Internet Service Provider, be it landline or mobile. It knows when you are connecting, which sites you use, which services and from where. And it might have the capability to effectively "inspect" your entire traffic. Second in line are the operators of the internet services you use. Regardless of them being websites, webapps or mere servers with a special purpose, if they are not specifically set-up to be anonymous, they have a log and they count you as a user through various means, one of them being the previously mentioned cookies. Now, through these means your "trajectory" on the internet can be and is determined by any party interested in you. And there are many. Because, in the end, you are valuable to them. From the things you do on the internet, what you see, what you visit, what you buy, you are worth an amount of money. You are being profiled and you are being predicted by statistical means. And the bad news is that for the future, chances are that things can get even worse in terms of anonymity.

Anonymity Step One
Anonymity: Step One

Last time I invited you to think about how you can improve your online privacy. How can you become a John Doe and in the same time still using the sites and services you want without being object of study and monitoring. That is indeed not a simple task because you are facing a complex situation. And it's not simple because you have to start changing your behavior. You may never be able modify all aspects of your online presence, but you'll have to start somewhere.

That being said, how do you anonymize yourself? First of all you have to tackle things that you can change. Think of your computer and your browser: what are the plugins, toolbars, add-ons you are using in your browser. Do you need them all? If not, eliminate them. On the other hand, do you really need to allow all cookies to settle into your browser just to keep you logged on? So, clear your cookies regularly (even better - do not allow cookies and only permit them on site basis), get rid of toolbars, don't allow plugins to run by default. It may be a little annoying at the beginning but the result is a smoother, more anonymous browsing experience.


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It's been a year since the public was hit with a piece of news that everybody suspected was happening, but nobody thought it was of such amplitude. As with all bad things, we got used to this situation. What news, you ask? Well, you may have heard of Edward Snowden and still-burning scandal he started a year ago. Yes, you may one of the millions permanently monitored by state agencies, regardless of the type of communications you use.

So, you're a subject of interest. For state agencies that want to know what you are saying or advertising companies that study your online behavior.

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